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Follow your data

  • Data consolidation and analysis
  • Quickly turn your numbers into charts and tables
  • Your data is easier to analyse and extract value from
  • Use Pivot tables to quickly analyse your data

Build a smart business

  • Faster response to clients and suppliers
  • Automate repetitive tasks using O365 free tools
  • Quickly onboard and train new starters using digital step-by-step guides
  • Use O365 collaboration tools for remote working

Business Process Design

  • Use Microsoft Forms to professionally onboard new partners
  • Identify and reduce risk before it happens
  • Pain free admin with bespoke process design
  • Utilise all the features that Outlook has to offer


Is your small business ready to grow?


Growing businesses need strong foundations; business support is integral to business success.

  • Does remote working deliver for your business, really?
  • Can your team access all the documents they need?
  • Are your core critical tasks still mainly paper-based?
  • Is productivity lost to repetition and retrieval of data?


Are you reliant on one person for essential knowledge?  Do you have a digital transformation management strategy?  Few owners of small businesses have enough time to invest in process, continuity management, and ensuring the building blocks of a solid and adaptable business are in place.


Healthy business thrives on:

  • Bespoke processes
  • Custom-made data solutions
  • Efficient administration management
  • Skilled and motivated staff


You’ve probably already got some of these tools but don’t know where they are or how to make them work for you?  Combine the business tools you need with working knowledge in terms you understand, supported by bespoke processes. Now you’ve got a business that runs on efficient, pain-free admin, accurate data and lower running costs.


AAS provides digital strategy consulting services which focus on small businesses.  It designs, trains and maintains the building blocks for strong, nimble and efficient businesses. It’s more achievable and cost-effective than you realise!


Trouble-shoot > Identify > Implement > Train > Maintain


We needed help with our digital transformation management and strategy.  As a growing charity, we needed to change to a paperless system and source a database on which we could record all of our work and produce reports more efficiently.  Kelly was recommended to CatZero by our IT support company and we are so pleased that she was!

Kelly is very professional but also super friendly and down-to-earth. Being as organised and efficient as she is, Kelly soon got to grips with how the charity works, who we work with and what we were hoping to achieve. The costs and terms of engagement were very reasonable and Kelly always provided clear estimates of timings for the key elements of our project.

Kelly is a star and her enthusiasm and love of what she does shine through. Without Kelly’s support, expert advice, and flexibility in meeting our needs we would not be in the position we are in today, awaiting implementation of our new system.

Fiona Daggett

Director , CatZero